Thursday, July 5, 2012

Facebook Fanpage Method

As you know, there are literally millions of Facebook
Fanpages, some of which have over 1 million followers each. You can definitely use this to
your advantage. Simply find a download/product/resource that you want to lock using
Lock it and then find a related fan page. For example. If you have found a website that give
away free Justin Bieber Sun Glasses, lock that link using and then search Facebook
for “Justin Bieber”. You will find multiple page with many followers. Just visit some of those
pages and post something like, “I found a cool website that is giving away free Justin Bieber
sunglasses. All you have to do is answer a brief survey... check it out at
(your locked link)”. This can be done with virtually anything, including free movie downloads,
game downloads, ebooks, or just cool websites. Most Facebook pages allow you to post
directly to a wall as well as comment under the page’s wall posts. Commenting under the
page’s wall posts that already have a lot of comments and likes will be the most beneficial.
- Facebook Games - Some Facebook games allow you to type while playing them. This
can be beneficial if you have a locked link related to the game. For example you may be
playing a game of Minecraft, and you could offer a free Minecraft game add-on via a locked URL.

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