Thursday, July 5, 2012

What is Tips from the Top Earners

Note: If you are not yet a member of, Signup for a free account now. is a link locker & link shortener.  In reality, 99.9% of people don’t just use it to shorten
links though.  The real benefit of using the site/service is to earn money by locking links/urls.
You have probably seen websites around the internet that request that you fill out a particular
survey before you are shown the actual content.  This is what does for you.  You
simply create a free account with the service.  Then you just type in the URL that you would like
to lock, and you are provided with a shortened URL (i.e.

Every time someone is directed to this URL they are asked to choose from a list of surveys to
complete, in order to see the content of your web page, download a file, etc (whatever your
locked URL is).  Once they complete the very quick survey, you will receive money in your account (anywhere from $0.20 to $7.00 per survey).  Payments take less than 7 days
to process and deposit in your PayPal or other ecurrency account.  Pretty simple, huh?

The top earners have used to generate enormous profits.  These following
methods are being used by many individuals that are making over $5,000/month using  With that said, there are others that are generating a lot more than this.

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