Thursday, July 5, 2012

Twitter Topic Method

This is a great method if you want to take the time. It requires
that you use a twitter account to follow people that are currently following someone else. For
example, you can follow people that are following the official “Iron Man 2” Twitter page. A
good percentage of these people will then follow you back. Once you have built up a decent
amount of followers on this account, you can then begin making money. Look for things related
to “Iron Man 2”. For example, “Free Iron Man 2 Movie Download”, or “Free Iron Man 2 T-Shirt”.
Then lock the URL to this offer using, and post it on your wall. Since you will have a
bunch of “Iron Man 2” fans following you, you should get a great response, simply by making
a tweet such as, “Free Iron Man 2 T-Shirt - Just Answer a short survey and it’s yours!!”. You
can use this method on virtually anything. (Note: we do not recommend or suggest using illegal
methods such as movie pirating, etc)

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